Il Campo Scanto

The Mage, the Captain and the Glassblower
The Spring of 1220 A.D.

Alessandro has decided that Intelligo Vis is important for his continued research. To this end, he, through Vito, contacted Paulo Da Mosto to try and arrange access to the Doge’s Library.

After a short and surprisingly measured meeting with Paulos’ father, The meeting with the Doge went both better and worse than expected. The Doge saw through the simple ruse Paulo had initiated to get the meeting and got straight to the point. The Doge would permit the Vendramin ‘outcast’ to use his library, but Paulo, and thus the Da Mosta, would owe him.

This was not for nought though, as a few weeks of research within revealed to Alessandro a record by a sea-captain some 60 years ago, regarding a strange phenomenon on the Adriatic sea; Lights of many hues descending from the sky among playing mermaids.

Believing this to be a potential source of Vis, Alessandro negotiated with Salvatore di Gaetano, a sea captain much employed by the Da Mosta, though his own free agent. A ship negotiated, the Mage and the Captain set out to find this strange place. Though it took some days, a few directions were given, the phenomenon was seen. Many cries went out among the crew as strange spirits of water and sea played among shafts of ever-changing light that reflected with impossible clarity.

Taking notes, Alessandro returned to land, where his research concluded he would need round spheres of fantastic craftsmanship to contain this Vis. Likewise, even if he could land the Spheres, he would require someone with exceptional knowledge of glass and its properties to assist in Gathering the Vis.

Armed with this knowledge, he sought out a Master Glassblower, only to be frustrated by discovering that nearly every Glassblower in town was allied with the Vendramin, his ‘family’. Finally, he found the Greek, Orestes of Corfu, who was reportedly as skilled as any, tough still not seen as properly ‘one’ of the Glassblowers. A contract was discussed for the Orbs, but despite offer of Silver, the Master Glassblower was adamant in not wishing to leave Venice.

A council meeting was called to grant funds for the Orbs, and to reveal to the other Mages what Alessandro had discovered. Some talk was made of the Master Artisans insistence to not come, with Luca volunteering to try and ‘Discover his price’.

While this all transpired the other mages seemed mostly concerned with their own researchers. However, Odysseus was accosted by two young men, Luca Molin and Ricco Da Mosta. The two young rogues apparently seek his help in some Romantic conquest involving three young sisters, though how it will transpire, and what either their, or the ladies, motivations are, remains a mystery for now.

A Gathering of Magi, a Covenant is formed
The Winter and Spring of 1220 A.D.

The New Year brings much frivolity to an already frivolous city. While the air chills and assignations between patrician and commoner alike occur in the dark, a Quartet of Strange figures join a motley assortment near the Casa D’Mosto on the Grand Canal.

The Covenant was formed and bonded, in witness of the Quastores Morgan on the Day of the New Year, and though the business of the Covenant fell to the following day, it seemed an Auspicious occasion. Vito Da Mosto was elected Princeps in the councils first official act. He quickly nominated Luca as Interpes and she accepted. All was in readiness and the young mages bonded together in solidarity. The first month together one of learning the space and people of the Covenant. Luca especially spent much of her time learning all about the people she now lived with, perhaps even to the detriment of her magical studies.

The council meeting at the Spring Equinox fared well. It was revealed that the covenants finances, thanks to the Da Mosto family and the work of Paulo Da Mosto, were flush and would, by year’s end, be flowing with silver. Luca reported her limited contacts with other covenants of the Tribunal and made sure to set time in the Summer to visit one of them. Alessandro Vendramin felt he was near to a breakthrough in Intelligo, and prepared to see if access could be gotten to the Library of the Doge to try and locate a source of Intelligo vis to complete his task.


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