Il Campo Scanto

Poisons tipped to the ear - Part II
The Autumn of AD 1220

The covenant’s investigation to determine the identity of the conspirators moved one step closer with the investigation focusing on the brothel keeper, Angela di Bono. Alessandro Vendramin and Luca went to interview her only to discover that she was not forthcoming with any information. However, an unusual cross in her private chambers and a slight infernal aura lead them to believe that they are moving in the right direction.

Meanwhile, a day off for the grogs, drinking into a local watering hole, resulted in another mystery, when a member of the nobility entered the tavern. Catarina went ashen, becoming absolutely terrified when she saw him. An attempt to leave quietly failed when one of the company tripped and knocked over some earthenware. The nobleman spotted Catarina and started to follow after the grogs. The majority of them, including Catarina escaped to the Covenant after a harrowing gondola chase. Facio stayed behind in the shadows to follow the nobleman as did Uberto. Separately, both were able to identify the nobleman as Angelo d’Artusio, a wealthy noble who Catarina had previously witnessed plotting against the Doge with another man. Dionisio was made aware of this turn of events, ordered Catarina to remain within the Covenant until this was resolved, and advised the mages. Can this be used to their advantage? A plan is made to disguise Luca as Catarina.

Meanwhile, Luca has decided to release Giuseppe Secondo (Giusecondo) from her employ and has selected Facio to be her shield grog. Odysseushas kept his promise to Marionetta to stay within the precepts of the Covenant and the Da Mosto grounds but has become demonstrably grumpy and coolly logical, distrubing him to no end.

Poisons tipped to the ear
The Autumn of A.D. 1220

As Carnivale rises up in frivolity and mirth, and the winds off the Sea start to cool, the troubles of the Covenant seem to multiply, as if they breed with one another.

Luca had a confrontation while attempting to collect the Covenants Corpus Vis. The goons who attacked her in the Piazza San Marco were dispatched, with one being captured and brought back to the Covenant. The shattered man was fearful of a person he only knew as his master, afraid that he would be killed were he let go, for this mysterious seeker of Vis brokes no failures.

An interrogation was planned, and yet partially disrupted by the slowly dawning realisation that something truly is odd with the Cats of the covenant. Luca’s investigation into this proved that the Cats are magical, intelligent, and their leader, Obscuri, can talk. They agreed to permit the covenant to remain in ‘their’ Regio as co-owners, but also warned that the man they had drawn in stank of infernal magic.

Alessandro’s interrogation of the man revealed he had holes in his memory. Able to recall things he had done in this dark figures service: murders, thefts, intimidation. Unable to remember the figures face, name, or indeed where he went to meet the man. He could not even recall where it was he needed to go to bring the Vis if he had succeeded in moving it.

After these events, it was determined the man could not be left alive. Vito used his magic to disguise Luca as himself so that she could slip by her erstwhile protector Giuseppe Secondo. She went to buy poison from a disreputable man named Damiano de Canal. Poison purchased, the man dispatched, it seemed the mysteries of the covenant expanded, and yet dark sources hovered just out of sight.

Horror visited Covenant and Da Mosto family alike as, two days after these events, the Mistress of the Doge was discovered murdered by poison, and rumour swirled around the city that a Da Mosto was seen buying such poison. Hasty meetings and furtive accusations eventually led to tentative plans. There was some force working against the covenant and house; and the disappearance of Antonio Morosini, the horror of his boat, the attempt to disrupt the collection of Vis and now this frame-up seemed to point to a single source. The covenant was united in what might be it’s first real challenge; to uncover and defeat this shadowy adversary.

In response to demands by Paulo Da Mosto, an impromptu Counsel meeting is held, with all mages except Alessandro Vendramin in attendance. Allesandro arrives late as he had been out on a debauch. There were four primary issues to be determined:

(1) Should Luca be punished for her actions with respect to the poison – a vote on this is on hold until the determination of issue 2;

(2) Should Giuseppe Secondo (Giusecondo) be replaced as Luca’s shield grog as she has for some reason lost faith in him, preventing him from doing his job – a vote on this is on hold pending Luca’s answer;

(3) Should the covenant be involved in this since it is arguably only mundane politics – unanimous vote in favour;

(4) If the answer to (3) is yes,, what efforts should be taken. – a plan of action is decided upon and undertaken.

Odysseus proposes sending out Marionetta with others to suss out information. In return he promises Marionetta not to leave the Covenant or Da Mosto grounds without her.

Immediately after the vote, Vito Da Mosto went to inform Paulo of the decision. Odysseus, uncomfortable with his whole role as the voice of reason and maturity in this counsel meeting, proceeds to repair his reputation, visiting the Da Mosto household with the aim of meeting young women (or at least that’s what he tells everyone).

Luca casts a fog spell over Venice (losing control of it in a wierd way that may cause future problems for the covenant.

Odysseus and a group of Grogs, including Marionetta, visited Damiano’s private chambers, finding the body and the dagger with the Da Mosto markings.

Marionetta set off a trap, causing the fire trap to engage. The fire was somehow magical and resisted Odysseus’ water magic. Odysseus led the grogs out but in the process, one of the grogs dropped the body and it was badly burned.

Allesandro cast a spell to speak with the dead body and determined that:
- the dead body was not Damiano de Canali, but rather a mercenary also named Damiano

- the mercenary’s last recollection was visiting an un-named brothel

- he wouldn’t (or couldn’t) identify his last employers

- the last employer he would acknowledge was the Da Mosto’s – working as security at a feast/party; he was hired by Paulo

- he had worked with the previous mercenary (that Luca killed) about a year prior, acting as security for a brothel owned by one Angela di Bono

The Engagement Party from Hell
The Autumn of A.D. 1220

The engagement party celebrating the marriage of Paulo Da Mosto and Lucrezia Simonezza was a disaster, to put it kindly. Vito Da Mosto was ill and ended up vomiting ; Luca Molin threatened one of the Simonezza’s with violence over some incident. Strangely enough neither Luca nor the serving girl involved in the incident recall anything about the causes. Most strangely, Nicolo “The Younger” Da Mosto, the irritable ‘head’ of the family was positively relaxed about everything.

Vito and Luca suspect the Simonezza’s priest of having some involvement in the events… only time will tell if they are right.

Alchemy, Mercenary and Piety
The Summer of A.D. 1220

While Luca remains on the road, the Covenant is visited by a strange figure; Antal Alkimista of the The Black Tower. The strange Black-clad magus imparts some measure of knowledge about the Tribunals politics, or at least it’s politics from the perspective of the Black Tower. Luca’s return is heralded with much fanfare, and with the dust of the road barely washed from her skin, she proceeds to negotiate with the Tremere, promising material goods in exchange for potential access to Vis and magical knowledge. The Tremere leaves the covenant a Gift of Vis as a gesture of Good faith and warns them repeatedly about the Grey Senate, the Covenant of Roman Necromancers.

Though diplomacy seems to go well, the Covenant is plagued by conflicts grand and small; Paulo Da Mosto has to deal both with the disappearance of his cousin Antonio Morosini, and the deaths of everyone aboard one of their merchant vessels, but also both his own upcoming Betrothel and the slowly advancing marriage of his sister Caterina DaMosto.

Caterina herself is not idle on this matter of course; she has enlisted Luca to assist her in discovering all she can about the Spira family, and her future Husband in particular.

To this measure Luca took Odysseus with her to a wine house near the Spira. A den of iniquity for mercenaries and other sorts, Luca was able to get some sense of the family of Mercenary traders and sell-swords, but not without Odysseus coming to a potential confrontation with a group of toughs, some of the same serving the Contarini family. Though the odd Merinitia magus was able to prevent any bloodshed, his feeling that he was being ‘used’ as a distraction by Luca put a strain on their friendship.

Angry, Odysseus turned to his one constant companion; the Sea, taking his Sloop out to explore the Lagoon. There he chanced upon a small boat wrecked upon an Island at the edge of the Lagoon, and a Monk sitting there. Strangely Luca noted that Birds and other small animals lined the tree’s where the Beach met the tree-line, and the small fey of the Lagoon surrounded, yet stayed well back of the man.

A conversation was soon struck up, the man revealing himself to be Francis of Assisi. The Monk had a deep conversation with Odysseus, telling him of the Grace of God, the limitations of the Mortal life, and the importance of Forgiveness and generosity. Left to land the Monk blessed the Fey-touched Mage, to what future effect only God knows.

The Boars Head
The Summer of A.D. 1220

Through Rain and Mud Luca, Giusecondo, and Facio had trodden onward after their encounter with bandits. They skirted other encounters, wary after the warnings they had received and suspicious of all they came across.

Past Milan, after nearly two-weeks of travel they finally came to Apri Caput. The town itself was an orderly town, like so many others throughout Northern Italy; people in the fields weeding, herding pigs, or other such pursuits. The sounds of blacksmith and carpenter, well-woman and merchant, gave the impression of normalcy surrounding the Tower which rose from the edge of town, surrounded by its imposing wall.

Within that Tower the party encountered many members of the Covenant, most prominently it’s two eldest members; Imelda of Bonisagus and Symona of Tytalus. The former gave them a tour and introductions, while the later was stand-offish and seemingly tested Luca, knowing much of her Parens as well as other members of Prospero. Other introductions included many strange Mages from Merinitia, Tytalus, Bonisagus and Criamon.

One such Mage, apparently Dina of Tytalus, tried to entice Facio into becoming a spy for her. He ‘agreed’ but immediately told Luca, advising, with her agreement, to become a sort of double-agent.

Imelda explained that the Covenant was always looking to make political engagement with fellow covenants and that they thought Il Campo Scanto’s connections with the Mercantile powers of Venice could get them a variety of Mundane goods that their land-locked positions made difficult to easily acquire. In exchange, they would offer some measure of knowledge through either their library or Vis stocks. For a first mission, it proved a prosperous one.

With Luca on her way back, taking a short side-step to visit once more Ezzelino III da Romano, all seems well. Though the family intrigues of the da Romano hint at something darker. Similarly, the arrival of Antal Alkimista, a Tremere from Nigrum et Arcis, the famed Black Tower of Southern Italy, may portend more for the youthful covenant.

Blood on the Seas, Intrigue on the Road.
The Summer of 1220 A.D.

The Boat of Antonio Morosini had been seen in the harbour, and yet neither the man himself or anyone else from the ship has been spotted. For several days it lay there anchored, and so Nicolo “The Younger” Da Mosto had called upon his son, Paulo to investigate.

The ship was eerily quiet. Exploration discovered a slew of gruesome scenes. Decapitated bodies, their heads arranged in a macabre pyramid in the ships hold. Not a single crewman or the captain had escaped this fate, though Antonio was nowhere to be seen. An investigation by Vito Da Mosto and Alessandro Vendramin definitely proved that this was not an incident of mortal mayhem, but some act of the supernatural. though they were as of yet unable to be more specific. A half-dozen items were missing from the hold of the ship, each seeming to have religious or mystical significance. Since many other similar items from Constantinople were missing, it stands to reason they were taken for a purpose. What that purpose is, remains a Mystery. One the Covenant will investigate.

Paulo was so aggreived at his father for not attending to the investigation himself, that he didn’t respond when his father informed him that his reason for not attending was delicate negotiations which had just completed… over Paulo’s betrothal to Lucrezia Simonezza.

Meanwhile, Luca along with Giusecondo and Facio Sartor set out on the long journey to Apri Caput. Travelling first through Padua, they soon came to Vicenza, where they encountered Ezzelino II da Romano, an ageing Duke who surprised Luca by knowing of her presence, her position as a magus, and that she would appear in their city. This rightfully unnerved the magus, especially after being told this information was presented as if it had come from the Patriarch of Aquileia. How the covenant would make an enemy of such a powerful figure is unknown. Whether to believe the scholarly Duke or not was another question entirely.

Taking leave, the party next journeyed to Verona, where they supped with Ezzelino III da Romano, the prior Duke’s son. Ezzelino appears a boisterous, Manly figure of both jest, but terrifying cruelty. One that seemed to seep from the walls and from every encounter in his castle. The party was glad to be away, regardless of the jovial virility the young man Displayed. While leaving the city, however, they did manage a clandestine rendezvous with Ezzelino’s sister, Cunizza. Married to the Lord of Verona, it was hard to suss out what this scheming sister’s aim was. But one way or another, this strange family had gained note of Luca, and possibly the Covenant as a whole.

Free of those strange Nobles, the journey on-ward was peaceful, until, rain coming gently down, they encountered Bandits making the worst decision of their lives. Between the Wind and Rain magic available at Luca’s fingertips, the Brutal power of Giusecondo and the quick murderous skill of Facio, the bandits stood no chance, and Apri Caput beckoned.

Cupid's Arrows, Mars' Sword.
The Summer of 1220 A.D.

As agreed upon, Odysseus, Luca Molin, and Nicolo Da Mosto III all met to meet with the three sisters of the Contarini family, along with one slightly nervous maid.

The evening seemed to progress, the youngest sister, Helena, engaging the Magus in academic discussion while her older sisters engaged in more traditional romantic games with the two members of the extended Da Mosto family. The evening seemed primed for romance until the rude interruption of Donaldo Contarini, the eldest brother of the family. Along with perhaps a half dozen man, he made claims to defending the honour of his sisters, while Luca succeeding in both attempting to play down any affront, while adding new insults.

The Matter seemed it would end in blood until Odysseus drew himself up and unleashed the power of his Fae Blood. While some of the men, and Helena, stood fast, Donaldo, in particular, was impact by this display, feeling a raw terror he had never felt. He fled with his men, though one cannot help but think being so publically unmanned in front of his men will have consequences.

Luca and Nicolo were dressed down by Paulo Da Mosto, left to the job by the de facto head of the family, Nicolo “The Younger” Da Mosto. Matters were left perhaps unsettled, and this is far from the end of things.

Luca meanwhile, met with Caterina DaMosto, promising to help her discover the true nature of her fiance. Though such matters would have to wait, as Luca herself was off to Apri Caput.

The Mage, the Captain and the Glassblower
The Spring of 1220 A.D.

Alessandro has decided that Intelligo Vis is important for his continued research. To this end, he, through Vito, contacted Paulo Da Mosto to try and arrange access to the Doge’s Library.

After a short and surprisingly measured meeting with Paulos’ father, The meeting with the Doge went both better and worse than expected. The Doge saw through the simple ruse Paulo had initiated to get the meeting and got straight to the point. The Doge would permit the Vendramin ‘outcast’ to use his library, but Paulo, and thus the Da Mosta, would owe him.

This was not for nought though, as a few weeks of research within revealed to Alessandro a record by a sea-captain some 60 years ago, regarding a strange phenomenon on the Adriatic sea; Lights of many hues descending from the sky among playing mermaids.

Believing this to be a potential source of Vis, Alessandro negotiated with Salvatore di Gaetano, a sea captain much employed by the Da Mosta, though his own free agent. A ship negotiated, the Mage and the Captain set out to find this strange place. Though it took some days, a few directions were given, the phenomenon was seen. Many cries went out among the crew as strange spirits of water and sea played among shafts of ever-changing light that reflected with impossible clarity.

Taking notes, Alessandro returned to land, where his research concluded he would need round spheres of fantastic craftsmanship to contain this Vis. Likewise, even if he could land the Spheres, he would require someone with exceptional knowledge of glass and its properties to assist in Gathering the Vis.

Armed with this knowledge, he sought out a Master Glassblower, only to be frustrated by discovering that nearly every Glassblower in town was allied with the Vendramin, his ‘family’. Finally, he found the Greek, Orestes of Corfu, who was reportedly as skilled as any, tough still not seen as properly ‘one’ of the Glassblowers. A contract was discussed for the Orbs, but despite offer of Silver, the Master Glassblower was adamant in not wishing to leave Venice.

A council meeting was called to grant funds for the Orbs, and to reveal to the other Mages what Alessandro had discovered. Some talk was made of the Master Artisans insistence to not come, with Luca volunteering to try and ‘Discover his price’.

While this all transpired the other mages seemed mostly concerned with their own researchers. However, Odysseus was accosted by two young men, Luca Molin and Ricco Da Mosta. The two young rogues apparently seek his help in some Romantic conquest involving three young sisters, though how it will transpire, and what either their, or the ladies, motivations are, remains a mystery for now.

A Gathering of Magi, a Covenant is formed
The Winter and Spring of 1220 A.D.

The New Year brings much frivolity to an already frivolous city. While the air chills and assignations between patrician and commoner alike occur in the dark, a Quartet of Strange figures join a motley assortment near the Casa D’Mosto on the Grand Canal.

The Covenant was formed and bonded, in witness of the Quastores Morgan on the Day of the New Year, and though the business of the Covenant fell to the following day, it seemed an Auspicious occasion. Vito Da Mosto was elected Princeps in the councils first official act. He quickly nominated Luca as Interpes and she accepted. All was in readiness and the young mages bonded together in solidarity. The first month together one of learning the space and people of the Covenant. Luca especially spent much of her time learning all about the people she now lived with, perhaps even to the detriment of her magical studies.

The council meeting at the Spring Equinox fared well. It was revealed that the covenants finances, thanks to the Da Mosto family and the work of Paulo Da Mosto, were flush and would, by year’s end, be flowing with silver. Luca reported her limited contacts with other covenants of the Tribunal and made sure to set time in the Summer to visit one of them. Alessandro Vendramin felt he was near to a breakthrough in Intelligo, and prepared to see if access could be gotten to the Library of the Doge to try and locate a source of Intelligo vis to complete his task.


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