Giovanni "Zanino" DaMosto


Characteristics Int +1 Per -2 Str 0 Sta -1(1 aging point) Pre +1 Com +2 Dex -1 Qik -1
Age: 61
Decrepitude 2(1)

Personality Traits

Carefree +3
Patient +2
Temperate +2


Giovanni is the youngest son of Paulo and Maria, born long after his siblings and often looking up to his older brother Nicolo as a second father figure. Affectionately known as Zanino, he was often identified and teased for his almost uncaring, happy-go-lucky nature. While eager and earnest in helping out in the family business, Zanino never seemed to take any setbacks seriously, instead of moving quickly onto the next deal and forgetting the bad experiences almost as soon as they occurred. The only person Zanino never got along with in the family was his brother’s wife Caterina, whose strict nature was so diametrically opposed to his own that more often than not, he felt compelled to swear at her and give her some unflattering suggestions of better ways she could spend her time. Caterina always called him Giovanni, never Zanino, and from the moment she married into the family, attempted to behave as if she was his second mother. Something which Zanino rejected from the first and instigated his intense dislike for her that would last for decades until her death.

Zanino never quite shared the same wanderlust as his father or brother and was content to focus on the rather lucrative alum trade that was in his father’s portfolio, developing a very strong friendship with his nephew Angelo Morosini. Zanino has often included Angelo on some of the larger trade concerns for alum out of Africa, and their friendship has strengthened the bond between the two families. Zanino is happily married to his wife Vittoria, with whom he had six children, two of whom died in infancy. Zanino immensely enjoys his family life, not only of his own children and grandchildren but also his nephews, nieces, great-nephews and great-nieces. Likewise, save for Caterina, the entire DaMosto family always held a great amount of love and admiration for ‘Uncle Zanino’. Zaninio’s career as a merchant, despite being a younger son and lacking the ambitious drive of many others in his family, has been remarkably successful. Zanino is a man of little education, but with an incredible mind which is not only quite intelligent but is easily able to memorize details that often escape the notice of others. Zanino is also the only person who can resolve the conflicts that constantly seem to surround his nephew Nicolo. Much of the wonder of ‘Uncle Zanino’ comes from his unique ability to quickly calm and reason with Nicolo when he gets too uptight. Although, in truth, even outside of the DaMosto family, Zanino is known for his ability to calm and reason with almost anyone. Even the fiercest rivals of the DaMosto family have respect for Zanino and geniunely seem to like him and enjoy his company, he is often known in the local community as the man with no enemies.

Giovanni "Zanino" DaMosto

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