Giulia Zeno

The kind, stately matron of the Da Mosto


Characteristics Int +1 Per +1 Str -1 Sta 0 Pre +1 Com +1 Dex +1(1 aging point) Qik +0
Age: 47
Decrepitude 0(4)

Personality Traits

Caring +2
Fortitude +3
Pious +2


Giulia is the wife ofNicolo the younger, and mother ofPaulo and Caterina DaMosto. Giulia is a younger daughter of the Zeno family, and still spends as much time as she can visiting them. Her marriage to Nicolo has proven beneficial to the Zeno family as trading contracts have been profitable for both families working together, but a strong conflict with her mother-in-law Caterina typically made her life and time within the DaMosto home unbearable. The fact that her husband insisted that their daughter be named for his mother only served to worsen her feelings upon the matter. Nicolo’s rampant infidelity is known to her, and was once shaming, but now it only causes her to feel constant disdain and disgust for her husband. For the sake of the family, and in particular her children, Giulia puts on a brave face, always dutifully appearing in public functions with her husband and never making mention of his indiscretions. Yet, she has developed a habit of subtly encouraging the rebellion of her children against their father. She has long given small approvals and rewards in private, when she could get away with it, when she saw them behaving in a manner she knew would infuriate their father. Giulia is now a stately matron with long greying hair, who rarely initiates conversation with anyone except for staff, her children or, of course, Zanino.

Giulia Zeno

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