Nicolo "The Elder" Da Mosto

The Aging Head of the Da Mosto family


Characteristics Int +1 Per -1 Str -1 Sta -1 Pre +0 Com +1 Dex -3 Qik -4
Age: 76
Decrepitude 3(1)

Personality Traits

Ambitious +3
Cheerful +2
Impetuous +2


Nicolo is the eldest son of Paulo and Maria DaMosto, born in the Venetian district of Tyre and raised in the city of Venice. Even as a teenager, Nicolo displayed a burning interest in his father’s trade, most especially the wood trade of ebony from Africa. As soon as he was able, Nicolo would join his father on voyages across the Mediterranean, eager to visit distant ports and to learn the trade of the merchant. Blessed with a certain wanderlust and a cheery disposition, Nicolo found that the life of a merchant came naturally and easily to him.Nicolo soon developed his own contacts, building friendly relationships and adding significantly to his father’s trade by the time he was twenty. Nicolo’s devotion to business meant that he did not marry until his father arranged a match with the daughter of the Michiel family, a friendly rival to the alum trade. Nicolo’s marriage to Caterina Michiel was one marked by accommodation. Caterina ruled her household with many rules and a strict bearing, as both Nicolo and his mother Maria often moulded themselves to accommodate Caterina’s desires. The union bore fruit with two sons, Nicolo and Carlo. Nicolo’s burning intensity and passion for the mercantile life led him to take over his father’s business in 1182, and it was only with the death of his younger son Carlos in the fourth crusade that his travels abroad abated. Nicolo still involves himself in the business, refusing to give complete control to his remaining son, even if the day-to-day matters are beyond his ability to handle properly. Nicolo was often frustrated with his son, who took after the strict, ordered manner of Caterina and instead found himself impressing developing a closer bond with Nicolo’s son Paulo, whose demeanour mirrored his own. Nicolo surprised himself when Caterina passed recently, as despite their differences, he had unknowingly to himself come to truly cherish her company despite the frustration he had with her strict manner.

Nicolo "The Elder" Da Mosto

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