Fae sailor of unearthly beauty.


Int +3,
Per -1,
Pre +4,
Com -2,
Str -1,
Sta 0,
Dex 0,
Qik 0

Age: 25 (25), Height: 180 cm, Weight: 70 kg, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)

The Gift,
Hermetic Mage
Strong Faerie Blood, Sidhe
Elemental Magic
Venus’ Blessing
Puissant Aquam
Frightful Presence
Faerie Legacy

Infamous Master
Faerie Upbringing
Anchored to the Sea
Wierd Magic
Faerie Heritage

Light +1

Fearsome +2

Northern Italian(Veneto) 5
Latin 4
Artes Liberales 1
Bargain 1
Athletics 1
Swim 3
Charm 2
Guile 1
Awareness 1
Profession (sailor) 2
Profession (scribe) 1
Concentration 1

Magic Theory 3
Faerie Magic 2
Parma Magica 1
Finesse 1
Penetration 1
Second Sight 2
Order of Hermes Lore 1
Faerie Lore 1
House Merinita Lore 1
Code of Hermes 1


Creo 5, Intellego 4, Muto 5, Perdo 4 , Rego 5
Animal 1, Aquam 9 +3 , Auram 7, Corpus 0, Herbam 0
Ignem 3, Imaginem 0, Mentem 0, Terram 3, Vim 1

Encumbrance: 0 (0)

Spells Known
Footsteps of Slippery Oil (CrAq 5)
Mighty Torrent of Water(CreAq 20)
Clear Sight of the Naiad (InAq 5)
Mimic the Christ’s Miracle (MuAq 5)
Lungs of the Fish (MuAq 20)
Push of the Gentle Wave (ReAq 15)
Jupiter’s Tears (CreAu 5)
Jupiter’s Resounding Blow (CrAu 10)
Charge of the Angry Winds (CreAu 15)
Rusted Decay of Ten-Score Years (PeTe 10)
Unseen Porter (ReTe 10)


Pietro’s della Mare’s father was a poor fisherman living in a hut in a small village just outside Venice. He was a good man and a hard worker. One day he went out to sea and came back with a bride, Pietro’s mother. They were a happy family and as things go, she gave him a son, Pietro. They even had enough wealth from the sea to send Pietro to the local school to learn his letters.

Pietro’s childhood was fairly unremarkable. True, the blood he bled was blue, true all the adult villagers and other boys avoided him. However, the girls liked him and he liked the girls .

Then one day, when Pietro was 7, his mother disappeared. His father took to drinking heavily, ignoring his business and his son. The money dried up and he was forced to leave the school.

Subsequently, a strange man visited his father, handed him a small purse, and walked away with Pietro, taking him from the only life he knew. Pietro has since learned that his father drank himself to death. Of his mother, he knows nothing but continues to seek her. The strange man was his Parens, Keerg of the House Merinita. The less said of his apprenticeship the better, However, some say that the black iron shackle that he keeps in his lab is there to remind him of what he went through.

Pietro has now returned to Venice, the Mage Odysseus. He can be seen sailing his skiff out in the harbour or poling a gondola along the canals almost as much as he can be found in his laboratory, exploring the secrets of Arcadia.

Now living in Venice, he finds himself incredibly attracted to women and, strangely enough, finds that they are attracted to him. He doesn’t understand this impulse and struggles against it but, as they say, the will, she is weak…. and he has somehow found himself in the embrace of many a Venetian lady.

He continues to dig deeper into the secrets of Faerie and the Order of Merinita to which he finds himself tied. In addition, he continues to work on the Arts of Magic, in particular, his studies into the arts of Aquam and Auram.

He finds human concerns odd, and to this extent, while he is proud of his membership in the Order and willingly complies with its rules, he has no interest whatsoever in covenant politics, whether between covenants or even within a covenant. Other than noting that some of the womenfolk of the merchant house which his comrades have allied themselves with are attractive (but then so are the womenfolk of their competitors), he really has no intention of involving himself in their business (it’s boring) and he wonders (occasionally aloud) at the wisdom of his comrades in doing so (isn’t there a rule or something?).


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