There is an Island in the Meditterean that seems to not hold to any one place. It has been charted more than once, and yet it will not stay still, nor obey the whims of mortal sailors. This is Prospero, and here sits a Covenant of history and Tragedy.

The Covenant predates the Schism War, and it’s founders built it into a powerful edifice. The magical aura of the Island is powerful and dangerously warps those who live there, but its ability to vanish has made it incredibly well defended.

Over the last several decades most of its younger Magi have left, and trained apprentices seem to leave for other Covenants, despite the promise of a powerful aura and the remnants of other Great Mages labs.

Only three of the powerful older Magi remain at the Covenant, and they are either terrifying or so detached from mundane concerns that were it not for the presence of a member at the last Tribunal in 1216 A.D., many might think it had ceased to exist.

Notable Magi

Keerg – A strange and almost Pariah member of House Merenitia, Keerg is a terrifying figure, who is suspected of numerous crimes against mankind and the Fae. Yet he has survived several attempts to bring him before Tribunal, though many think it is only a matter of time.


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