I Campo Scanto

Tribunal: Roman
Setting: Medieval Venice
Magic Aura: Lab 5, General: 5
Living Conditions Modifier (Magi): 1
Living Conditions Modifier (Companions): 0
Living Conditions Modifier (Mundanes): 0

Year Founded: 1220 Current Year: 1220
Season:Spring Power Level: Low
Aegis of the Hearth: 20

None as of Yet

Build Points Total: 250

Starting Points Current Points
Library 137 137
Lab Texts 8 8
Vis Stocks 0 0
Vis Sources 80 80
Enchanted Items 0 0
Specialists 25 25


  • Manorhouse, Fortifications, Free – The Covenant resides in, or beside, or above, or however you want to view it, Ca’ da Mosto, a recently expanded Venetian house fronted with ‘acquired’ Byzantine marble. It tends to reflect in many ways this exterior.
  • Regio, Minor Site boon – If one knows the ways, the paths, one can cross over into the Hidden Campo. From entering one finds oneself in an open square, similar to many in Venice, bordered by strikingly tall buildings and a series of pillars on which sit a variety of strange, unearthly statues. The statues are not the same from visit to visit, though no-one has seen them change. Whether they have any portents or properties has yet to be determined. This campo is bordered by two thin lanes and a pair of equally thin canals and perhaps the more striking thing is that regardless of the time of day, it always appears as a dark, starless night within the Campo. From there a strange maze of alleyways, bridges and canals twists outward. Those gifted with the ability to see the Regio can pass into it. One can also pass into it if you enter one of its entrances while surrendering a secret.
  • Wealth, Minor Resource – The Alliance with the Da Mosto family provides advantages and disadvantages. Surely the surfeit of gold, from Trade and the Crusades is one of those benefits.
  • Autocephalous, Major External Relations – Venice is an Italian City and the Doge rules at the behest of the citizens. Citizens may own property outright, with none to answer for saving other citizens.
  • Hidden Resources, Minor Resource – The Hidden Campo is mysterious, mercurial and still largely unexplored. Some whisper, Unexplorable. Who knows what secret sources of Vis, what strange Magics, or who knows what else resides within.
  • Hidden Ways, Minor Surrounding – The strange Canals of shimmering Black water can twist and turn just as surely as the alleys, and sometimes, if one knows the way, one can exit the Regio into another part of the city. Those clever enough may use this method to escape authorities, or easily travel from one side of the city to the other.
  • 2x Aura, Minor Site Boon – The Aura of the Regio is powerful, made doubly so for being within a Divine domain.
  • Literate Covenfolk, Minor Residents – Venice is a prosperous city, and Padua boasts one of the greatest Universities in all of Europe. It is relatively easy to learn how to read here, and the Covenant, situated as it is, has an abundance of literate members.


  • Urban, Major Site – The City of Venice throngs with people, and while it may be dampened during the season of Carnival, it always pulses with the power of the Dominion. More than a few powerful saint relics lay here, and the life which grants the city it’s seductive promise also poses dangers. No quite secluded life for those of the Covenant.
  • Resident Nuisance, Minor Site – When one enters the Regio of the Covenant one can sometimes encounter… things. The Cats are the most obvious. They seem to be able to enter and leave the Regio at will, and they are no ordinary cats. The people of the Da Mosto family have known the Cats are odd for a while, just not why. There are flickers of other things though; shadows are seen in darkened corridors or just flitting underneath a bridge. What they are, no-one knows, and the Cat’s aren’t talking.
  • Festival, Minor Surroundings – It begins the first Sunday in October, a flair of life, a flare of Magic and the Fae, and then it continues. Dampened sometimes, at Christmas or other High Holy celebrations, but it pulses through the City until Lent. Carnival. People don masks, the Patrician may rub elbows unaware with the pauper, and everything is just a little more intense and a little crazier. Just a bit of foolery… surely.
  • Rival, Major External Relations – There are only shadow of it now. Hints that a powerful force with connections to both ths Church and the Secular world is moving agains the Covenant.
  • Favours, Minor External Relations – The Da Mosto family has graciously permitted the Covenant to reside, functionally, on ‘their’ land. Indeed a veritable alliance has been forged of sorts. But there is a cost, and that cost is the defence of the family, and the favors they can extract. While they do not ‘order’ the Covenant to do anything, cordial relations are necessary, and debts must be honoured.
  • Contested resource, Minor Resource – The Covenants Vis stores are not entirely ‘sure’. The gathering of some of them is quite dangerous, especially their corpus source and other forces seem to seek the same sources of Vis.


Prevailing Loyalty Score: 0(Green Covenant Limit)
Base Loyalty: -15
Living Conditions: +30
Specialists: 0
Reputations: 0
Current Loyalty Points: 0


Inhabitants Number Points
Magi 4 20
Nobles 0 0
Companions 4 12
Specialists/Craftsmen 5 10
Dependents 0 0
Grogs 8 8
Laborers 0 0
Servants 8 8
Teamsters 3 3
Horses 0 0
Total 32 61

People of the Covenant

Horses and Livestock

The Covenant currently possesses no Horses or other Animals, save for the Regio’s Cats.


Money Reserve: 0 £
Total Income: 250 £
Expenditures (Before Cost Savings): 94 £
Cost Savings: 6 £
Total Expenditures: 88 £
Points of Inhabitants: 61
Points of Laboratories: 40
Points of Weapons and Armor: 128(Assume Standard Partial Armor and Exp. Weapons)
Member Weapons Points: 0

Sources of Income
Trade (Greater), Current Income: 250 £ – The Da Mosto trading family has grown wealthy from the fall-out of the 4th Crusade, Money flows into Venice as surely as the Canals and the Covenant reaps the benefit.

Yearly Expenditures

Inhabitant Wages: 24 £
Soldier Wages: 16 £
Weapons and Armor: 1 £
Writing Materials: 3 £
Buildings: 3 £
Consumables: 10 £
Laboratories: 4 £
Provisions: 30 £
Total * 91 £*



Vis Source: Aquam 6 Pawns
Location: Covenant; Seasons: Spring
As the Ice and snow from the Mountains melts in Spring, and the tides of the Lagoon swell, the dark waters of the Regio’s Canals begin to bubble and churn. From these places comes a strange, almost living black water. It seems to be boiling, and yet is cool to the touch. It can be gathered and seperated from the ‘regular’ water of the Canals with much patience.

Vis Source: Imaginem 6 Pawns
Location: The City of Venice; Season:Spring
As the season of Lent Approaches, the Festivities of Carnival break into a fever pitch. Frivolity, Drunkness, strange assignations, and a general atmosphere of disguise, deception and revelry descend on the city. On the day before Carnival ends, as the sun sets, among dozens of those out in the streets in masks, small crystal tears will form at the corner of their eyes. These crystals seem to contain the image of that mask, and it is the most creative, the most inspired masks from which they seem to fall. Collecting them is a task taking skill and attention, and the Covenant may not be the only one at the task.

Vis Source: Corpus 4 Pawns
Location: The City of Venice; Season:Fall
The square of Saint Marco has a powerful Dominion Aura, as several Churches ring it, and powerful relics are nearby. Two tall pillars, containing the Lion of Venice and a Statue to St. Theodore, mark a historic place in the city. Yet these serve a darker purpose, for it is here that the worst criminal of venice face justice. Murderers and Traitors, Oath-breakers and those beyond the pale. Their blood is spilled on these stones. On the day before All-Saints Day, as the Dominion reatreats, darker Aura’s surge. The Blood of the Murdered wells up from the stones and may be collected. But others may know of this dark thing and not be too pleased about the ‘desecration’ of the square, or have their own dark purposes for this Vis.

Total: Build Points: 80

Vis Stocks

  • 6 Aquam
  • 4 Corpus
  • 6 Imaginem
  • 2 Creo
  • 2 Rego
  • 2 Intelligo
  • 2 Muto
  • 2 Perdo


  • Allesandro’s Lab – Standard
  • Luca’s Lab – Standard
  • Odysseus’ Lab – Standard – Odysseus’ lab resembles a circular ancient temple. It is very open – with large doors and windows and is constructed out of white marble and plaster with blueish tiles around all the entrances and widows. Part of the canal ends in a pool which takes up one quadrent of the oval. Covered balconies, accessible only from the laboratory, encircle the entire laboratory. A marble fountain/statue of Salacia stands in the middle of the lab. Four curved tables are placed around the fountain, making a circular work-area (with spaces between the tables for walking. Between one set of two tables stands a marble lectern. The only oddity, a black iron set of fetters that hangs from a peg on the wall which the lectern faces..
  • Vito’s Lab – Standard – Vito’s lab resembles that of a Mask Maker or other craftsmen as much as that of mages. While he has a cleared space for a magic circle, and a pedestal upon which to rest books, the rest is filled with materials from paper and gypsum powder to silver-leaf and strips of leather. Tools of a dozen different crafts, from leatherworking to silversmithing sit in neatly organized sections. While very full, it is also very organized.

Magical Devices

None at present


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