Library of the Covenant

Hermetic Texts

  • Exploring the Seven Winds- Latin Summae for Aurum; Quality 10, Level 10, written by Pollidus of Mercere; A text exploring the nature of Wind, the foundations of Era, and the author’s pet theories regarding the types and numbers of winds.
  • Waves – Latin Summae for Aquam; Quality 10, Level 10, written by Thorbjorn of House Bjornaer; A not uncommon text on the subject of Water Magic by one of the first Masters of the Subject. Considered a somewhat ‘standard’ text of the Subject.
  • Reactions of Arcane limitations and resonances, a Disputation – Latin Summae for Vim; Quality 10, Level 10, written by Quilinus of Bonisagus; Quilinus is undeniably brilliant, but perhaps a bit denser than necessary. While he covers all the bases, one feels the benefit of the text would be made greater by some copious editing.
  • The Human Body in One-Hundred and Seventeen Parts – Latin Summae for Corpus; Quality 12, Level 10; Written by Tellin the Corpsemaster of Verditius; Written by one of the most famed of Hermetic Necromancers a century ago, this book is in high demand. Tellin is clear, concise and detailed… perhaps too much so at times.
  • Perceiving colour where there is none – Latin Tractatus for Intelligo; Quality 10; Written by Theodora of Criamon. A weird text examining scrying into darkness. One seemingly cannot fail to get insights from it however.

Laboratory Texts

Mundane Texts

  • Bestiarium Magicum – Latin Summae for Magic Lore; Quality 10, Level 5; Written by an unknown author. A grand collection of creatures, from Giants to Dragons to Spirits, all carefully illustrated and along with several generations of helpful notes in the Margins.

Library of the Covenant

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