People of the Covenant




  • Alessandro’s Shield Grog(Unclaimed)
  • Guiseppi II – Luca’s Shield Grog(Luca)
  • Marionetta – Odysseus’ “Shield Grog”, a Maid who is more than she appears.
  • Miroslav -A cynical Croat who serves as Vito’s shield Grog, a man who believes in nothing.
  • Cristofo – A Lanky nervous looking Doorman who always seems to think things will go wrong and is right far too often
  • Rizardo – A dwarf Guardsmen with the second sight and a big chip on his shoulder.
  • Grog
  • Enrico di San Giorgio – a Genevese Crossbowman with a little too much luck with the dice


  • Dionisio Sanuto – The Steward/Chamberlain, an old man whose past haunts him.
  • Cook(unclaimed)
  • Servant(unclaimed)
  • Servant(unclaimed)
  • Servant(unclaimed)
  • Servant(unclaimed)
  • Catarina Abbandonato – A maid, once a young prostitute, who knows too much for her own good.
  • Uberto – A Street Urchin who has found a home at the covenant as an errand boy.
  • Primo Vale – The eldest of the three Gondolieri who serve the Covenant.
  • Secondo Vale – The silent Middle Brother of the Gondolieri.
  • Terso Vale – The impetuous and hot-headed youngest brother of the Gondolieri.
  • Bookbinder(unclaimed)
  • Pietro Macchiato – The Ink-Maker with a shady past.
  • Baldo – A Hulking veritable Giant of a Blacksmith with a good heart.
  • Boatwright(unclaimed)
  • Guiseppe Antonelli – A Drunk, Disgraced, failed Guild-Master who is now the Covenant’s Carpenter

People of the Covenant

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