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The City of Venice is a thriving Republic, riding high on it’s growing independence and power. One of the predominant powers in the Lombard League, city states united against the Holy Roman Empire, the sack of Constantinople at it’s urging during the 4th crusade has made if flush with wealth. It’s merchants trade from the Latin Empire to Spain, ruling the Adriatic and being one of the premier powers of the Mediterranean.


There are countless Churches, Cathedrals and faithful within the city, so like most cities of Mythic Europe, Venice has a powerful Divine Aura from the Dominion. Unless otherwise Stated all places in Venice have a Divine Aura of 3. The Docks, Certain Brothels and Dens of iniquity, The Dungeons Below the Doge’s palace, have a lowered Aura of 2 or even 1. These Aura’s are reduced by 1 during the night. Most of the Churches in the City have a Divine Aura of 4. The larger Churches have an Aura of 5, while San Marco’s has an Aura of 6. These Aura’s can be stronger at certain times of the year; Christmas, Candlemas, Easter, Shrove Tuesday, etc. Churches tend to have more powerful Aura’s on their Patron Saints Days and so forth. The Cities Aura extends some ways into the water, though not beyond the typical range of a small fishing boat, and even then it is 1 at most.

The City’s over-all Dominion Aura drops by 1 during Carnival, save for those times it flares(i.e. the General Aura for most of Advent is 2, but Christmas Day it surges to 4). This means that during Carnival especially, many other, ancient or conflicting Aura’s; Magical, Fae and Infernal, rise up and pulse their energy through the city.

Sestieri, Islands and Important Locations of the City


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