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The Molin have been a prominent family in Venice since before the time people thought to record who were the prominent families of Venice. They are, in many ways, an Archetypal family, having grown wealthy from trade in Spices and Cloth. Their contacts throughout the Byzantine Empire, and into even further reaches; Heathens and Barbarians and all manner of people have leant them an ability to weather storms that have sunk other families.

They have prosperity before the Byzantine Empire fell, they have prosperity now. They have supported different factions at different times in the City, but tend to be a prominent supporter of Merchantile interests. They are thus not overly keen on War but are keen to exploit its benefits. They lost several young men in the last Crusade, yet came out of it with many profitable marriage alliances.

One of the present Doge’s most prominent advisors is a Molin, as are Judges and ship Captains.

Allies and Enemies

The Molin have cultivated many alliances, indeed standing as arbitrators between warring factions has become a method they have used to gain respect and power. Men and Women from many houses will trust a decision handed down by a Molin over those of even their own kin to be fair. They have not taken sides in the present conflict between the Dandolo and the Ziani but tend, on some level, to ere towards the former.

They have marriage alliances with half the city; The Vendermin, Da Mosto, Contarini, Spira, and so forth. If there is a house with which they don’t have some blood relation, even if only a distant cousin, you can bet it’s a matter they are striving to rectify. Their network of relations also extends out into the Countryside among members of the low nobility, and throughout the Latin Empire and even, it is said, among the Mohamadeen’s.


Benedetto Molin

Older Brother of Luca Molin

Luca Molin (1144 – 1210)

Luca Molin was a younger son of the well connected and wealthy Molin family, whose youthful indiscretions with the much younger Maria DaMosto quickly led to a marriage and eternal gossip in the community. Luca fathered one son with Maria, who also had multiple miscarriages before becoming infertile. The lack of further children appeared to encourage further gossip for both Luca and Maria, as constant speculation of infidelity intruded upon their lives. However, neither Luca nor Maria ever strayed from one another, their being a love match that lasted the length of their lives. Luca’s son Valerio was treasured and given endless attention by Luca, leaving him quite broken when he died during the fourth crusade during the fall of Constantinople. Valerio had left behind a young son named for Luca, who became the focus of his attention until a wasting sickness eventually stole his life away.

Maria DaMosto (1150 – 1212)

Maria DaMosto was the younger daughter of Paulo and Maria, who grew up in Venice and was married off at the young age of seventeen to Luca, a younger son of the Molin family. Maria was the most troublesome child of her siblings, and her marriage was the result of a discovered indiscretion of an intimate nature between Luca and herself. Discovered in a naked embrace one night by a rival of the Molin family as they attempted to sport secretly in a dark alley, Maria’s name was quickly circulated in the local gossip, with a great deal of unwanted attention being brought to her popular and well-liked mother in the market. Despite years of marital fidelity, both Maria and Luca were speculated upon for decades, with a long list of ever-changing candidates for rumours of their most recent affair and infidelity. Maria and Luca only ever had one child survive, as one earlier miscarriage before and a second after appeared to leave Maria infertile. That child, their son Valerio, became the sole focus of both Maria and Luca, leaving them both devestated when he perished during the fall of Constantinople during the fourth crusade. Valerio left behind a young son, Luca, a grandchild for Maria and her husband to dote upon and raise until the older Luca passed away from a wasting disease. A broken heart left Maria to rely upon the generosity of her brother Nicolo’s DaMosto home, where care for the young Luca was increasingly given until Maria passed in her bed one night after several weeks of increasing frailty and lack of appetite.

Valerio Molin (1171 – 1204)

Valerio was the only child of Luca and Maria Molin. Valerio grew up in loving household, filled with laughter. For reasons he could never understand, Valerio always noticed the sneering glares and sinister whispers that surrounded his parents. His best guess was only that perhaps other people were jealous of the true affection his parents had for each other. As Valerio grew older, his parents arranged for a marriage between himself and a young woman by the name of Isabella Da Padov. Isabella was an attractive young woman who had caught the eye of many men, including Valerio. Despite suggestions at an earlier age that they would wait and see what Valerio thought best, by the age of thirty, Valerio’s parents decided that enough time had passed and the marriage was arranged. The marriage was a difficult one for the family, as Isabella was soon found to be a shallow, self-absorbed woman who had little time for anyone else, including her own son. Valerio himself was very happy and proud to be a father, but the constant reminder of his parents constant love and bliss contrasted rather strongly against his own marital situation. Discreet infidelity ensued, only making the comparison of himself against his parents that much worse. The stress Valerio put upon himself eventually influenced a rash decision that he pushed upon two of his cousins to join the crusades. Joining the Venetian forces in Constantinople, Valerio saw his cousin Carlo struck by several arrows during the fall of the city. Ignoring all common sense, motivated by the guilt of having pushed his cousins into joining, he ran out from cover and into the open where his cousin lay. Just before he reached his prone cousin, an arrow struck him directly through his left eye, killing him instantly.

Isabella Da Padova

Maria Molin

Luca Molin


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